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Challenges of Travel


The idea of this post is to share what we find challenging when we’re travelling, and how we overcome it. I’d love this to be both a somewhat “gritty” travel post, but also empowering for people who may struggle with the same things that you do.


  • What do you find the most difficult about the “travel experience”?
    • This can be with any stage of travelling: Do you have a hard time saving the $? Are you an anxious flyer? Does travelling alone ever make you feel lonely or unsafe? Do you come home from a trip and instantly feel deflated? Let’s talk about it!
  • How have you overcome it OR how are you working to overcome it?
  • What are the best tips you can offer for people who feel the same way?


  • Due in by 31st July 2017
  • Maximum 500 words
  • Include a high-quality picture (either of you on your travels or something relevant to what you’ve talked about)
  • Your name & blog URL/social media handle