Where to Eat Vegetarian & Vegan in Lisbon

Where to Eat Vegetarian and Vegan in Lisbon

While Lisbon’s veggie food scene is still emerging, there are a few great places to be found in the city! These are just 6 suggestions that I managed to get to in my few days in the city, and I know there’s plenty more. You can find both Portuguese and international cuisine in Lisbon, all of it delicious. Enjoy!

A Colmeia

Rua da Emenda 110 (second floor), open Mon-Fri 12-3:30pm, closed Sat & Sun. 

*Cash Only*

A Colmeia is a cafeteria-style vegetarian restaurant , run by a lovely woman who will make sure you’re well fed! It’s located on the second floor of the building (as in GF, 1F, 2F). There is a sign in the lobby so you know you’re in the right place, then just go up the stairs and you’ll see a knife & fork sign next to the restaurant doors. Most of the food is vegan, but some does contain egg or dairy. The woman speaks good English though, so if you just ask she’ll be happy to tell you what’s vegan.

Where to eat vegetarian and vegan in Lisbon: A Colmeia

While it opens at 12pm, the food may not be ready until 12:30pm as it seems like a one-woman operation. As she said to me “We open at 12 but sometimes it’s not possible until 12:30”. The food is homestyle cooking using very fresh ingredients. A Colmeia is cheap and delicious, making it a great place to eat vegetarian or vegan in Lisbon!

The total will vary depending on which main you select, but generally it will be under 10 euros for a plate (main + sides), salad and tea. My total was 8.50 euros, for an omelette, a Spanish veggie dish, rice and greens, as well as the salad. There were probably around 5 or 6 sides but I only wanted the rice and greens, so she heaped on some extra! As I said, she wants to make sure you’re well fed! There are also condiments available for no extra cost, such as oil, balsamic vinegar, parsley and sesame seeds.

Where to eat vegetarian and vegan in Lisbon: A Colmeia

The restaurant space is lovely too. Classic Portuguese tiled walls, plants, colourful tables, lots of natural light. It’s a very calming place to relax and enjoy your food!

Jardim das Cerejas

Calçada Sacramento 36, open every day 12-3:30pm and 7-10pm. 

Jardim das Cerejas serves a fixed-price 100% all-you-can-eat vegan buffet at both lunch and dinner. The lunch buffet is 7.50 euros and the dinner buffet is 9.50 euros (not including drinks or desserts). Generally the buffet includes several south Asian dishes (like curries) with rice, as well as western dishes such as lasagne. They also have pappadums and salads. As with any buffet, it’s not always the freshest when you put it on your plate, but it is still a tasty, cheap and quick dinner.

Organi Chiado

Calçada Nova de São Francisco 2, open Mon-Wed 12:30-10pm, Thu-Sat 12:30pm-12am, closed Sun. 

Organi Chiado has a menu that changes every day, that includes both vegan and seafood dishes. The day I visited they had 1 vegan starter, 3 vegan mains, 2 seafood mains and 4 vegan desserts. They serve healthy food that tastes genuinely amazing – its not “weird” or “pretentious” healthy food. The restaurant itself is very nice, as its bright and welcoming. They do have some outside seating, but those tables fill up quickly so its best to reserve a table if you want to sit outdoors. Organi Chiado is definitely one of my tippity top recommendations for eating vegetarian or vegan in Lisbon!

To start with I ordered olives and bread, which were 1.50 euros and 2 euros respectively. The bread was possibly the best bread I’ve had in my life – it was served warm, the inside was soft and the crust was crispy and it had herbs in it to give it more flavour.

Where to eat vegetarian and vegan in Lisbon: Organi Chiado

From their vegan options of the day, I chose the “spiritual tofu” – a veganised version of the traditional Portuguese bacalhau espiritual (spiritual cod). This was 9.90 euros, served with a salad, roasted vegetables and couscous. From their vegan desserts I ordered the seasonal fruit, which I assumed was going to be a fruit salad but ended up just being half a rockmelon. It was still good (very fresh & tasty rockmelon!) but definitely not what I was expecting!

Pizzeria Romana al Taglio

Rua da Conceição 44, open Mon-Sat 11am-10:30pm and Sun 12:30-10:30pm.

This pizzeria has a decent selection of vegetarian and vegan pizzas, which make up about 50% of what’s on offer. The menu is only in Portuguese, but the staff speak English so you can just ask which are the vegan/vegetarian pizzas and go from there. The pizzas are already made, so you just point to which ones you want, they heat up the slices a little and you’re good to go.

Where to eat vegetarian and vegan in Lisbon: Pizzeria Romana al Taglio

Each slice (which are a fairly decent size!) will cost around 3-4 euros. I grabbed 3 slices for a total of 9 euros: a potato pizza, a mushroom pizza and a tomato & chilli pizza. You can eat at the restaurant but there’s very limited seating and its a pretty small space, so I think its better to get it takeaway. Whether you take it to a miradouro to watch the sunset or just eat it in your hostel room, it’s delicious/ Even though it’s so quick and cheap, this pizzeria ended up being one of my favourite places to eat vegetarian and vegan in Lisbon!


Alameda Santo Antonio dos Capuchos, open Mon-Sat 12:30-3:30pm & 7:30-10:30pm, closed Sun.

PSI is a great vegetarian restaurant, with a big menu that includes lots of vegan options. Everything vegan or that can be made vegan is clearly marked, as are dishes that contain gluten. The menu features mostly Asian and Asian-style dishes, particularly Indian and Korean. There is also a few non-Asian dishes, including pasta. While it’s not exactly central, if you are staying near it or don’t mind a little walk, PSI is a fantastic place to eat vegetarian and vegan in Lisbon. The restaurant space is mostly in a beautiful outdoor setting, with trees and plants surrounding the tables.

Where to eat vegetarian and vegan in Lisbon: PSI

To start with, I had a small plate of soy samosas for 2.90 euros. The plate was 2 big, delicious samosas and a pappadum (and you can always win me over with a pappadum), served with an amazing barbecue sauce. For my main I chose a tofu stir fry, which was 10.90 euros. The plate included a decent serving of rice, delicious tofu, broccoli, nuts, fresh mango and salad leaves.

Time Out Market

Avenida 24 de Julho 49, open Sun-Wed 10am-12am and Thu-Sat 10am-2am.

Is it heaven for eating vegetarian or vegan in Lisbon? Definitely not. But it is a staple food stop in Lisbon, and you can find a few vegetarian and vegan items here. The Time Out Market is a “higher class” food market, as the food on offer is mostly more like restaurant-standard meals. Most of the places will make the food once its ordered, not have it pre-made ready to be dished up. Because of this, the food is also more expensive than at other markets like La Boqueria in Barcelona.

Where to eat vegetarian and vegan in Lisbon: Time Out Market

I stopped in at a stall called Asian Lab, which have several vegetarian dishes (which, from what I can tell, were vegan or could easily be made vegan as they are freshly made). I chose the vegetarian pad thai and vegetarian spring rolls, which together with a drink came to 14.70 euros. There is also a bakery selling pastel del nata, which were 1 euro each.

In the 12 months between my first and second visit to Lisbon, the veggie food scene has already expanded so much! There’s plenty of amazing food to find – these eateries are just the beginning! While there’s already more amazing places to eat vegetarian and vegan in Lisbon, I’m sure more and more will be opening soon!

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