Where to Eat Vegetarian & Vegan in Barcelona

Where to Eat Vegetarian & Vegan in Barcelona

Before I came to Spain, I’d heard mixed opinions about eating vegetarian/vegan here. Some vegos said it was super easy, others said they struggled. While Barcelona is my first stop in Spain, I’ve found plenty of delicious veggie food here – and I’m so happy to share these places with you!

As always I’ve included details of what I ordered and how much it cost so you can get an idea of what’s on offer and where it fits in your budget. Here are my favourite places to eat vegetarian and vegan in Barcelona!

BarCeloneta Sangria Bar

Where to eat vegetarian and vegan in Barcelona: BarCeloneta Sangria Bar

Carrer de Sevilla 70, open Wed – Sun 12-4pm & 7-11:45pm, Mon 7-11:45pm, closed Tues. 

Ohhhhhh my god, this place is amazing! BarCeloneta is a completely vegan restaurant, with a long list of sangria to complement your meal (including a few non-alcoholic types). Here they have vegan tapas, veggie burgers and raw foods, with Thursday night having a vegan paella. They use a fair bit of “mock meats” here if you’re into it, or dining with veggie skeptics.

To drink I chose the Venus, which is rose wine, dry vermouth, lime, mint & strawberry. A big glass of this is 7 euros, and worth every cent. Genuinely, this is one of the best things I have ever drunk in my life!

From the tapas menu I went for Calamares a la Andalusia, with the vegan squid made from konjac and soy. While it’s been over 2 years since I’ve eaten real calamari, these vegan ones were pretty damn close to what I remember! The texture was right, and the batter and aioli were amazing. Served on a bed of lettuce, a plate of these is 7.95 euros.

Where to eat vegetarian and vegan in Barcelona: BarCeloneta Sangria Bar
Is this photo a little blurry? Yes, yes it is. But I was kinda drunk when I took it, so sue me.

For my main I chose the Bruce Burger, which is a patty of seitan & shiitake mushrooms with lettuce, tomato, black olive cream and caramelised onion. Served with chips (as in crisps, not hot chips), this delicious burger was 7.90 euros.

Boqueria Market

Where to eat vegetarian and vegan in Barcelona: Mercado de la Boqueria

La Rambla 91, open Mon-Sat 8am-8:30pm, closed Sun.

The classic Mercado de la Boqueria is a must-do in the city, and is also a great place to eat vegetarian & vegan in Barcelona. There’s literally tons of stalls selling fruit and juices/smoothies – most will cost around 1.50 or 2 euros. Most of the stalls list the ingredients in the smoothies, so you know if there’s any dairy (although I didn’t see milk listed on the ingredients of any stall I went to). I also grabbed an amazing Twix-flavoured macaron ice cream sandwich (3 levels of absolutely not vegan!).

Where to eat vegetarian and vegan in Barcelona: Mercado de la Boqueria

While I’m not sure about their vegan status, I also spotted stalls selling chocolate, dried fruit, nuts and lollies. You can find plenty of cheap and delicious snacks at the market, so make sure you check it out!

Cat Bar

Where to eat vegetarian and vegan in Barcelona: Cat Bar

Carrer de la Boria 17, open Thu-Mon 1-10:30pm, closed Tues & Wed.

This is a great little bar to stop in at when eating vegetarian or vegan in Barcelona, as everything on the menu (including all the beers) are completely vegan. The Cat Bar is more of an edgy vegan spot, serving up a whole lotta veggie burgers as well as a few other snacks.

I wasn’t super hungry when I stopped in here, so I opted to go for a simple patatas bravas which set me back 4 euros. These were absolutely delicious! Seriously, everything about them was perfect.


Where to eat vegetarian and vegan in Barcelona: Chök

Carrer del Carme 3, open every day 9am-9pm.

Chocolate heaven! Donuts and cronuts are the big draws here, but they also do other sweets like truffles and biscuits. It’s my understanding that at least some of what’s on offer here is vegan, but I was so entranced by the trays and trays of cronuts that asking about it slipped my mind.

Where to eat vegetarian and vegan in Barcelona: Chök

While I was here, I grabbed 2 cronuts (#treatyoself), and each one is 3.95 euros. I chose an Oreo creme cronut and a strawberry & white chocolate cronut – both were so delicious, but so filling! If you’ve got a big appetite you could easily down two of them, but otherwise I’d stick to just one.

Flax & Kale

Where to eat vegetarian and vegan in Barcelona: Flax & Kale

Carrer dels Tallers 74B, open Mon-Fri 9:30am-11:30pm and Sat/Sun 10am-11:30pm.

I figured that after a day of cronuts and bar food that I should probably eat a vegetable that wasn’t a fried potato, so on my last night in Barcelona I stopped in at Flax & Kale. This is a relatively new restaurant, and it’s already very popular. The restaurant itself is beautiful – big, bright and colourful.

Flax & Kale is a “flexitarian” restaurant that focuses on healthy food – while they have a lot of vegan food, they do also serve fish and dairy/eggs. Everything is clearly labelled though, so it’s all good.

The classic Flax & Kale menu item is their kale chips, which cost 3.85 euros. Mine were cheesy, crispy and delicious! To drink I grabbed a cold pressed juice which was 5.95 euros – it was called the “My Sweet Horny” and while it was delicious, I’m still not sure if the title means its meant to be an aphrodisiac of some kind.

Where to eat vegetarian and vegan in Barcelona: Flax & Kale

For my main I went for the amazing green power ravioli, which were filled with spinach, tofu, mushrooms and cashew ricotta, served with baked eggplant, tomatoes and vegan parmesan. This ravioli was 12.50 euros.


Where to eat vegetarian and vegan in Barcelona: Rasoterra

Carrer del Palau 5, open Tue-Sun 1-4pm & 7-11pm, closed Mon.

Rasoterra was one of my favourite places to eat vegan in Barcelona. It’s a vegetarian restaurant with lots of vegan options, as well as dishes that can be made vegan. Everything is clearly labelled, so you’ll know what’s vegan and what’s not. They also have a strong focus on using local, organic produce.

While they have an a la carte menu, they also have a set menu (or menu del dia). You can get the 3-course set menu for 13 euro, or the 2-course set menu for 11 euros. These menus include water and bread. Rasoterra also has a long list of tapas, which range from 6 – 14 euros.

Where to eat vegetarian and vegan in Barcelona: Rasoterra

I chose to go for a half set menu, opting for a starter and main with no dessert (the other option for the half menu is main and dessert). On the day I visited, the starter was a salad of mixed leaves, roasted peppers, hazelnuts, kalamata olives, red onion and pesto. After having eaten a pretty crap diet in the previous days (lots and lots of airplane food!), it felt nice to eat something so refreshing and so good.

The main that I had was a tart of smoked tofu and tiger tomatoes. The smokiness on this was just amazing! Again, after having eaten a lot of plane food recently that was mostly vegetables, it was so good to actually have a strong protein source!

Veggie Garden

Where to eat vegetarian and vegan in Barcelona: Veggie Garden

Carrer dels Angels 3, open every day 12:30-11:30pm.

Veggie Garden focuses on 100% vegan Nepalese and Indian cuisine (though they do have a few other Western dishes), and is perfect if you’re after something that’s cheap, quick and absolutely amazing.

From their “tapas” menu I went for a plate of momos, which are a vegetable-filled Nepalese dumpling. In all fairness I had better ones in Nepal (duh), but these were still pretty good – and for 4 euros, you can’t go wrong.

Where to eat vegetarian and vegan in Barcelona: Veggie Garden

For my main I went for a Thali plate, where for only 6 euros you get 2 vegetable curries, a dal, rice, pappadums and samosas. Honestly, how can you go wrong with all that for 6 euros!? The curries were all absolutely amazing – I was literally just chowing it all down because I couldn’t get enough.

To drink I grabbed a fruit smoothie which was 3.75 euros, but I added spirulina powder to it for an extra 1.50. Veggie Garden knows how to make a killer smoothie – this was just awesome, and so refreshing.

These 7 locations are just the beginning – this is just 3 days worth of eating vegetarian and vegan in Barcelona! You can use the Happy Cow app to find veggie eats wherever in the world you are – it makes travelling as a vego that much easier.

Do you have any other recommendations for eating vegetarian or vegan in Barcelona? Share in the comments below!

Where to Eat Vegetarian & Vegan in Barcelona

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