Exciting News: 7 Steps From Home on YouTube!

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Because the best time to start editing & uploading videos from travels that ended like 4 months ago is obviously right as you start your uni exams, right? Yep, after months of saying “Oh, I really need to edit the footage from Cuba,” and “Yikes, how have I not started doing that yet?” I finally pulled it together.

7 Steps From Home is now, officially, on YouTube!

What You Can Expect from My YouTube Channel

Well, I guess pretty similar to what you can expect from my website! A whole lotta travel, with a little bit of food and a few other interests of mine that pop up on here every now and then.

I’m currently editing the footage that I shot in Cuba, Mexico & Costa Rica in December/January, and so far I’ve uploaded 3 videos – one from Cuba and two from Mexico. The plan is to finish uploading all of the Mexico/Central America footage before I fly out to Europe in just over 2 weeks (if exams don’t get in the way!).

Then, of course, once I’m back from Europe (or maybe while I’m over there if any of my hostels happen to have killer wifi speed), I’ll be uploading all the fun from my month away! I’m mostly staying in Spain & Portugal, with a few days each in London and Copenhagen at the end.

Make sure you check it out!

And, for a little taste:

Thanks for watching & subscribing! xx

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