Waiheke Island: The Perfect Auckland Day Trip

Waiheke Island is a 40 minute ferry ride from Auckland, making it the perfect day trip destination. The quiet, natural beauty of the island is a welcome break from the hustle & bustle of Auckland. The island boasts absolutely beautiful beaches, unique towns and sophisticated wineries for your enjoyment. Buses go right around the island, making it easy to get around.


Oneroa is the main village, and as such it has the most facilities. There’s plenty of cool little shops & cafes to check out, plus the information centre can give you really great advice on what to do if you’re feeling a little lost. The local shop owners are all super friendly, and sell pretty nice stuff, if a little pricey. Oneroa also has a bike hire – if and when I go back to Waiheke, I’ll definitely opt to a) stay longer and b) bike ride from beach to beach.

Onetangi was where I spent most of my day at Waiheke, soaking up the sun. Onetangi Beach is beautiful, with stunning blue water perfect for swimming. I lunched at Charlie Farley’s here – the black bean quesadillas are to die for!

We purchased a Waiheke Explorer pass, which allowed us to go on a private bus tour when we first arrived at the island. This is a guided tour which takes you right around the island so you can figure out where you’d like to spend your time. The pass also gives you access to the public buses, which run fairly regularly. The buses on Waiheke Island are very reliable, and make it super easy to get around.

Since I’m not particularly a wine drinker, I didn’t explore any wineries, although our bus driver/guide told us Waiheke wines are very, very good! There are plenty of winery tours on the island, which you can out more on HERE.

Waiheke Island is absolutely stunning, and definitely worth a day trip (at least!) when you’re in Auckland. Highly, highly recommend!

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